Sonntagsmusik #8 – Back in the good old days…

von tobonaut

Everything was better in the good old days. Especially the music. No Bieber, no Superstar-Foo, no problems.

Because of my low-motiviation-based music trip though yesterday, I found my middle school-love, Avril Lavgine.

This tiny, little fluffy puffy punk girl with black eye make up and chucks – just awwww! The dream of each little boy, I guess.

So I’ve been listening to her since yesterday and I can still remember some parts of the lyrics.

Maybe that’s why I like her music. Avril Lavigne has very sad songs like „nobody’s home„, powering tracks „sk8ter boi“ or just party music „complicated“.

A grown-up version even this song „complicated“ is my music pick of the week. Watch it in HD, it is worth it.

Have fun with memories but let they never change your current life!

Happy coding!

– Bayer