Author Introduction: Klaus

von tobonaut

Hello world,

after my buddy Tobias introduced himself I would like to use the chance and do follow up. Because I’m very lazy I’ll follow also his style of writing ;-)

About myself

My name is Klaus Meyer and I was born a quarter century ago in a nice region called „Stauden“, which is a very countrified area in the west of Augsburg.

After middle school I’ve visited the Rudolf Diesel Berufsfachschule in Augsburg (a type of private school for IT education and other domains) at which I’ve met my now good friend Tobias. After this two years I’ve started an apprenticeship at a smaller (between 15 and 20 people) web agency in Munich and worked there afterwards as a (Señor *gg*) ColdFusion developer for about 4 years. In this time I was used to work with Microsoft and Adobe software and learned a lot of stuff and gained some experience in the world of employment.

Currently I’m working as a (now again junior) Ruby on Rails developer at a quite young web 2.0 bank, which is a totally new environment for me – but very cool ;)

I’m also – like tobias – very interested in open-source technologies and love to play around with new stuff and nerdy shit.

You could follow me on Twitter at @onkelhotte, where I’m currently writing in german and infrequently in english (could change in future). My personal weblog and website, that will become perhaps more and more obsoleted by this weblog is:

My preferences

As my current job reflects I like to program in Ruby (not only on Rails). Beside that I’m quite big fan of Perl. But I’m not antipathetic to other languages (beside Python *gg*). Since my first iMac in 2009 I’m a totally Apple-Apologist and prefer to work on OS X as my desktop operating system. On Server side and sometimes for retro-reasons I’m using Debian GNU/Linux or FreeBSD. Windows is for me a no-go. I’m most times happy that I don’t have to bother about Hardware, but in some points of time I get pleasure to perform handicraft work and need to disassemble some stuff or assemble some components.

My favorite tools for development are TextMate (still Version 1) as editor, SequelPro for database management and of course the gorgeous ZSH running inside my

Many people would say I’m a cat lover, which I would affirm – but I wouldn’t like to have a own cat (what would also not be very animal-friendly, because I’m living in a Flat and are at work all day long). It’s more about sharing funny pictures of (lol-)cats.

Grumpy Cat

Thank you for reading and Geronimo! (yes I’m a Whovian, Bow ties are cool.)