Author Introduction: Tobias

von tobonaut

Hi guys,

after our last blog post of „why we started code buddies“ introduces this follow up post one of the author. Tobias. That’s me.


Let me sum up my vitae. With a lot of ‚I’s in it. My full name is Tobias Scholze I am from Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany.  I studied computer sciences at the University of Applied Science Augsburg and now, I’m a professional programmer pay-rolled by a small local software company.

I’m very in open-source und communities. That’s why I’m one of the community crew members of and a former Microsoft Community Contributor – what a shameless self plugging.


I like social media and Twitter is the one platform which is (for me) the point to connect with new people. If you wanna follow me or send me some stuff, use my Twitter profile @tobonaut.

As I wrote in the last post, we will split our old blogs up into two parts. A private one and a code-based one. If you are German and like to read my private blog, please visit:


My favourite programming language is Java EE in combination with JetBrains Intellij. That’s the best combination to write enterprise-grade software. For local projects I prefer Java SE or simpler, interpreted languages like Javascript.  The good old PHP days are gone. Yes. Objective C and other stuff are hobbies, not more, I’m not even good in it.

I like to use all operating systems, from a hand-made Arch Linux, via an Apple OSX system, to a Windows 8 machine. To be honest – I’m a Mac Head – a hard-lining Mac Head.

My favourite animal is the big panda bear. Very chilled, very related to a group and cuddly.

That’s all in short.

Have a nice day!


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