Nomster – simplify the daily „any ideas for lunch?“ process with your peers

von tobonaut

The most asked question in offices around 11am is „Any ideas for lunch?“. This statement ist mostly followed by some „erms“ and „don’t know“. To simplify this task, make lunch suggestions with Nomster! Okay, to be true. Me and a peer of the Startup I’m working for looked for a use case to have a goal in case of our „we wanna try something [to code]“. That’s the reason behind the loosely coupled module system of Nomster. None of the modules (server, web-ui, iOS, etc.) is not strictly required. The complete codebase is hosted on Github.

At the moment, the code base is little and not tied to work as a team. But the coding process is going on with new ideas every day – at least at the end of weekends.

Current Modules

  • Parent — Contains all other modules below. It’s like the overall repository
  • Core server — a Restful server written in Java that persists data via Hibernate
  • Web — a Polymer-based web ui that uses the core server as data provider
  • iOS — an iOS Client for the Nomster ecosystem

To be honest. Most of the modules are more like a playground as an increasingly serious software project. But hey, it makes fun and you can try something. It’s like a Toys’r’us shop for developers.