Code never dies: HASI is now available on Github

von tobonaut

Code never dies. Never! One of my first ’serious‘ projects was my 3rd Semester’s e-metering project called ‚HASI‘ in 2011. HASI stands for ‚Home Analytical System Interface‘. Reduced to the minimum, HASI was a cheap middle layer web application to monitor and control all sorts of home automation systems like HomeMatic or DIY solutions ala custom Arduino devices. The project is written in Python and uses the Django web framework. And yeah, I’m f*cking proud of HASI. I worked with a lot of close friends of mine on this project and everybody has survived o/. It was a challenging time with a great final presentation. Everything was better in the old days.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 18.53.49

If you wanna know what HASI is / was, please read the following snippet of the official description:

While the need for more efficient use of energy is commonly accepted,
for the individual it is often difficult to act accordingly. Firstly,
there may be an information lack about the energy costs caused by a
certain activity or a neglected activity, such as leaving on lights or
electrical appliances in stand-by mode. So-called eMetering devices
aim at filling this information gap. Mounted between a socket outlet
and an electrical appliance they measure power consumption and may
translate consumption values into monetary costs. However, the
provision of information about energy consumption alone does not
necessarily imply acting. Rather, assisting people in actually
changing their behaviours is a much harder challenge.

For more, go to HASIs Github repository.